Sr. Anne Peter


Date of Birth: September 5, 1931

Entered Eternal Life: March 9, 2019

Eulogy by: Jean Hayes OSF

          We gather today as family and friends who loved Anne Peter. We come into God’s presence to remember and give thanks for the good the Lord has done in her and for the richness that we have received because of the vocation as an Allegany Franciscan.

          In review of her life, the psalm comes to mind: “My soul is thirsting for the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God, my Savior”. Anne Peter thirsted for her Lord as she lived out her call as an Allegany Franciscan for over 60 years. She was faithful to her commitment and she was the instrument that the Lord used to spread the gospel in her own unique way. She mirrored the compassionate, generous love of the Lord in all her actions.

          Early on, she was involved in the ministry of education as a grade school teacher. She formed so many children to love the Lord and embrace their Faith.

          When she came to the Motherhouse, her vocation took a different direction. It was in the community that she blossomed as a religious. She responded to the needs of the local community.

          Anne Peter was the receptionist and switchboard operator for years. She was the “voice” that welcomed one to the Motherhouse and helped the person to feel at home. As switchboard operator, she was the link and connection to a sister and her family. She made everyone feel important and valued by the tone of her voice and the attentiveness to the visitor or caller.

          We were gifted with her presence and love of the Lord.

          Anne Peter was noted for riding her scooter. It was her main means of transportation in the Motherhouse. When she tooted the scooter horn- everyone knew to remain in place until she flew by. With all her driving experience in the Motherhouse, she was able to qualify for the “Indy 500”.

          Anne Peter enjoyed the food from McDonald’s. She was always so grateful when Mary Lou arranged to have the food from McDonald’s for the main meal. Whenever Anne would see Mary Lou she would say “McDonald’s …Thank You!”

          Anne was a great supporter of our store, “Conveniently Yours”. She used the store to converse with Sisters that she didn’t ordinarily see. Each time she was at the store, she purchased the following: large print word search books, batteries and tootsie pops. All of these items helped to keep her mind active and aware of our latest happenings in the house. She loved to shop!

          The file for Anne Peter spoke volumes. It contained her date of Entrance, her date of Reception, date of First Profession, her date of Final Profession and very little else. Her life was an open file that was filled with all the ways that she had responded to the people of God. How blessed we were in having her as part of our lives.

          Each moment of her life served as a mirror reflecting the love of God and serves as a strong reminder to us of what we are also called to do. Her life was led by love and she humbly served her Lord. Her life bore the fruits of the Holy Spirit and she magnified His word.

          Lord, we humbly entrust, Anne Peter into your hands. In this life you embraced her with your tender lover and gave her a love for all of your people. Deliver her from this world that binds her and welcome her home into eternal rest. Greet her the fullness of peace and joy forever.