Meg Guider OSF

"Embracing more fully the Clarian Dimension of Life."

Written copies of each of Meg’s Reflections and Handout are posted beside each part of the presentation. [Click on titles for printable copies]

Reflection 1

Consider - the Virtues of Clare's heart:

Trust, Transparency, and Tenderness


Handout 1-1

Handout 1-2

Handout 1-3

Tavola of Saint Clare and Selected Bibliography

Reflection 2

Consider – The Virtues of Clare’s heart: Trust, Transparency and Tenderness    


Handout 2-1

Handout 2-2

Handout 2-3

Reflection 3

Contemplate – The Fragrance of Clare’s Spirit: Presence, Passion and Purpose

Reflection 4

Imitate – Creating a Clarian “Life Space”; Becoming Companions on the Life Journey Home... to One                      Another and to God          



Olive Trees of Compassion by Margaret Eletta (Meg) Guider, OSF