Sr. Barbara


Date of Birth: March 26, 1945

Entered Eternal Life: March 7, 2020

From her eulogy by Sr. Margaret Mary Kimmins

I would like to start my remarks with two stories about Barbara:  one from before she entered the convent and one from her first year as a postulant when she was at Sullivan St. in NYC, working in the archdiocese as a secretary.

  • St. Petersburg story

  • Sullivan St. Story


Barbara loved to write and loved those who were poor. During her life she ministered at St. Francis Inn Philadelphia, Daystar in St. Petersburg, and Metropolitan Ministries in Tampa.  All of these places that reached out in service to those who are poor. 

Barbara, in her early years, was always searching about what she was called to do.

I took this story from one of her letters:  I was not an accountant, but I did accounting; I was not a social worker but I did social work; I was not a secretary but I did secretarial work.  In her search, she came to an AHA moment and realized I am a writer and I will write. She made the connection who she is and what she does is the same. She pursued her desire diligently, taking courses, writer’s workshops, showing her work to magazine publishers.

 She published a small book on spiritual thought and prayer, helped to write grant requests for some of the ministries of our sisters, created church bulletins.  One of her articles was published in Liguorian Magazine.  She wanted to give voice to those who have no voice.  The name of the article is called “The lines form early” writing about her experiences in St. Francis Inn and the people who come for dinner there.

 She made the connection between her two desires of her love for those are poor and being a writer. She was the first editor and writer of Allegany Connections, our congregation publication.

Barbara had a wonderful droll sense of humor, was a dreamer, and had a beautiful simplicity and a humble manner.

During her 31 years as an Allegany Franciscan Sister she suffered a number of setbacks regarding her health.  These setbacks included cancer, leukemia and other illnesses. She would recover, and return to ministry until the next setback. This last time, after two close surgeries, she just ran out of strength. 

We thank our God for Barbara, and we are confident that she is totally healed.