Chapter 2021

Chapter 2021 Prayer

We invite everyone to be united in prayer as we continue our Chapter preparation. We have chosen the following prayer which is adapted from a prayer of St. Bonaventure.


Great Source of Wisdom, Give me an open mind, an open heart, and open will. Still my voices of judgment, cynicism and fear. Fill me with your sacred light. Breathe in me your holy inspiration. Amen.

Chapter Planning Newsletter









Discernment and Election Process at General Chapter 2021

Presentation by Connie Gilder

Leadership Discernment Video

This video was made by the Congregational Leadership prior to the Covid pandemic. It was intended to be shown at our assemblies in the U. S. and Jamaica. Unfortunately, with the pandemic those in-person assemblies were canceled. Assemblies have continued with the use of Zoom.


Also during these past months Sr. Goianira Silva, who served on Council, resigned her position to become the Region Minster in Brazil.  

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