Sr. Julieta Maria

de Carvalho

Date of Birth: January 4, 1960

Entered Eternal Life: March 4, 2019

     Praised be you, my Lord, for sister bodily death, birth into eternal life, where there is no pain and  the suffering associated with separation becomes eternal joy!

     Julieta Maria de Carvalho was God’s gift to her parents: Aparecida Alves de Carvalho and Pedro Teodoro de Carvalho, exactly at 6 o'clock on the fourth of January, 1960 in Cercadinho, municipality of Sacramento, Minas Gerais.

     Julieta Maria, known to her relatives as Letinha, is the second daughter of seven children. According to her sister Nelma, Julieta was a kind, obedient, and very loving child with her brothers and sisters, especially the younger ones, for she had always had the task of helping with their care and did so with great zeal. She was admirable in the way she assumed her commitments with responsibility.  Through her simple and sincere way of acting she became the leader among her brothers and sisters, and a support for the entire family. She was always attentive to her parents' health problems, caring for them lovingly. Because she was always sweet, tender and affectionate, she was loved by her uncles and cousins. Wherever she went, she left marks of the Good that she carried within her. Julieta is a beloved aunt, always willing to allow herself to be touched by the feelings and concerns of each of her nieces and nephews. She brought them along for walks and enjoyed a good joke with them, at the same time was attentive to their personal history and was constant seeking ways to help them overcome their difficulties.

    In God's plan, Julieta had another mission as sublime as the first. In 1982, Julieta felt the call to Consecrated Religious Life and did not hesitate to respond. She met the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany and began her new journey without ever breaking her family bonds and commitments. She did everything possible in the fulfillment of her religious and professional commitments so that she could fill herself with God and thus take Him to her brothers and sisters who were in need. That is why she chose nursing as an instrument where she could use her professional capacity, together with outpouring love, in order to bring relief and comfort to all with whom she came in contact.

    Later Sister Julieta Maria also distinguished herself by her commitment to the Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany, beginning a new her journey, taking on  Initial Formation of the new members in the Postulancy and Juniorate. She also exercised with dignity the ministry of leadership, in the role of Regional Councilor. In this way she fulfilled her vocation as a leader which had already been manifested in her family life.

     An easy person to live with and relate to, Sr. Julieta created ties of friendship wherever she passed, in all the communities and places where she served. She leaves an invaluable legacy of kindness, self-giving and understanding of life. Her struggle for life was great and she courageously surrendered herself to the painful but necessary treatment, without ever expressing discouragement.

     We would like to thank her mother Aparecida and her father Pedro, who has certainly embraced her in eternity. The act of surrendering this daughter to the service of the Church and the Congregation was very generous and blessed. We, the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany, thank them for the opportunity we have been given, to have Sister Julieta as our sister in faith.

     May God the Father hold her in His arms and comfort her family, Sisters, and friends, knowing that we all can count on her intercession for us in the Glory of God.