Sr. Teresinha

dos Santos

Date of Birth: August 7, 1929

Entered Eternal Life: August 22, 2019

From her obituary

     Terezinha, known to us as Sister Jacinta, was born on August 7, 1929 in the city of Uberlândia, in the state of Minas Gerais. Her father, Isidoro José dos Santos and her mother, Feliciana de Oliveira, gave her the name of Teresinha dos Santos, at baptism, a name which she embraced and lived by her deep outpouring love.

     Throughout her life she experienced the normal phases that a young woman would in preparing to exercise citizenship (responsibility), seeking the means necessary for her to fulfill her mission to children and the youth, something that became her lifelong mission. She studied School Administration and, in order to deepen her understanding of the human person, she specialized in Philosophy of Education, Psychology, and Educational Sociology.

     In the Father’s plan, Teresinha dos Santos was called to consecrated religious life. On February 2, 1952, Teresinha was received in to the Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany, at St. Elizabeth Motherhouse in Allegany. There she would receive the specific formation that would be become the solid foundation for fulfilling her religious vows,  professed on February 3, 1953. Now, Sister Jacinta, the name chosen, would return to her homeland where fertile ground awaited her and together with her companions in search of the same ideal would embark upon a journey that would allow her to become a most admirable person, beloved by all those with whom she shared her life.

     Sister Jacinta understood that in the eyes of the Father there was no distinction of race, color, or economic status. She believed all were equal and deserved the same dignity, care, and love. She learned to manage life’s differences with the knowledge she had received from her family, school and, especially her fidelity to the God’s inspirations. These helped her build homes for those whose lives were shattered by suffering, as well as the young, lost in the maze of life’s Illusions in a society where the values that constitute the true foundation of the human experience had given way to that which is disposable, seeking their dreams in rocky, infertile soil.

     Thus, she responded to the appeals of the Church and Congregational requests. She gave her life to the care of others, in daycare centers and to the sick wherever she encountered them.  As she embraced the cause of the needy, she felt that, before helping others, she should care for herself and therefore asked for a time for prayer in a place of solitude, far from the buzz of life, that would provide her an opportunity to plan for future actions. The Saint Clare Hermitage with the power of its motto "Pray and watch so as not fall into temptation" was her desired desert.

     A project to care for families who worked and resided in the vicinity of the Baião Farm led Sister Jacinta to minister to pre-teens and teenagers, offering these students, catechetical classes and manual crafts.

     In health care, she made herself available to the Santa Casa de Misericordia de Anápolis, where she served in the FASA-Social Welfare Foundation of Anápolis, in the Treasury, on the Board of Directors and Fiscal Council. Seeking to meet the needs of this institution, Sister Jacinta was relentless in seeking financial resources, both at home and abroad. Gathering her energy, she devoted herself passionately to the population of the old “Morro do Caximbo”, where her days were filled with visits and meeting the needs of all.

     Illumined by the Holy Spirit, Sister Jacinta walked the paths known by all those who were part of her life, paths not always easy, but nourished her enormous desire to help all in need. She understood that the goods of the earth belonged to all and that those to whom much had been given, had the obligation to share their time and goods.

     In the Congregation, Sister Jacinta welcomed whatever needs were presented to her and ministered in various missions. We thank you, Sister Jacinta. Your witness of fidelity will be strength for the young women who come to us.

     To the family, our thanks and prayers for the strength of the bonds of love that gave Sr. Jacinta the opportunity  to fulfill her mission, sharing freely of her talents but even more, in the silent and “poor nook” (the little hermitage on her niece’s property where she lived in recent years) where the strength of prayer made true happiness blossom: God’s plan and mission fulfilled, a loving surrender of LIFE on Earth.

     Sister Jacinta, we your sisters at Mãe Admirável, give you our tribute of gratitude and ask the Heavenly Father to receive you in Celestial glory.

     All of us in the Brazilian Region want to affirm that your example of detachment from the glories of this world, will be an impulse for us to deepen our commitment as consecrated religious.