Many of us here were privileged to know and spend time with our Sister Thomas Rose, “TR” (as some called her).  My family and I have fond memories of her at Corpus Christi School. The Sisters came to the Miami heat in their brown wool serge habits and starched guimpes. We never heard them complain.  What made a lasting impression and attracted me to our congregation was their joy.

Sr. Thomas Rose was smart, pretty, a good teacher with a sense of humor, and liked to sing -  good combo for a young sister in the 1950s and throughout life.  She also had the courage and willingness to serve when asked to return to Corpus Christi several years later as school principal at a very challenging time. On her desk, she left a prayer card of the Memorare, a sign to me of her devotion to Our Lady.

Sisters here speak of the compliments she gave whenever anyone visited her - sincerely given with a smile.  “TR” loved candy, nuts, anything sweet, and was kept supplied by her niece, Joan.

She was a faithful friend and aunt, a hard worker to the very end, one who counted on God. The same loving God who was at work in the life of Sister Thomas Rose is faithful and true to all. May she be delighting in God’s presence and love. 


May we praise God in union with all Franciscan Sisters of Allegany.

Sr. Thomas Rose


Date of Birth: May 6, 1923

Entered Eternal Life: March 13, 2020

From her eulogy given by Sr. Lucy Cardet