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Associate Way of Life

to Living in the Spirit of Francis & Clare

The Transformative Journey of the Associates of the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany


In response to the lay movement in the Church, the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany, commonly known as the “Allegany Franciscans,” have officially been involved with the Associate movement since 1987. The vision of the Congregation for the Associate Way of Life is to provide an opportunity for those who are called to personal holiness in the Franciscan-Clarian spirit. They experience journeying together with the Allegany Franciscan Congregation as they strive to live the Gospel message and way of life.


Those who choose to “associate” with the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany do so by embracing the Franciscan-Clarian Charism, Mission and Core Values of the Congregation. They are committed to becoming followers of Francis and Clare while maintaining their chosen state of life.

Mission Statement

We, the Associates of the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany, strive to live Gospel Values.  Rooted in God’s LOVE we respond to the diverse needs of the world by building relationships that bear witness to the Franciscan-Clarian Charism. 

Vision Statement

Embracing the transforming power of God’s LOVE, we…


  • Deepen Franciscan-Clarian Spirituality

  • Engage in Social Justice Actions

  • Foster sustainability in our world

Core Values

The Franciscan Sisters of Allegany and Associates strive to live Gospel values and reflect the spirituality of St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi by praising God.  For the goodness of all people, we …


Reverence and Honor the sacredness and dignity of every person.

Commit to the Poor by standing with and serving those who are impoverished, especially those most vulnerable.

Seek Justice by fostering right relationships to promote the common good, including sustainability of the Earth.

Practice Stewardship by honoring our heritage and holding ourselves accountable for the human, financial and natural resources entrusted to our care.

Act with Integrity by being Faithful to who we say we are.

Seek to Provide a Safe Environment for All by embracing a culture that prevents harm and nurtures a healing.

Get in Touch with the Co-Directors

Sr. Colleen Brady, OSF

(239) 464-5188

Linda Dees

(727) 644-5803

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