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Becoming a Sister

Answer God's Call

Stages of Formation

Pre-Entrance (1 - 2 years) is the first step in discerning a call to our Community. It allows a woman to maintain her current lifestyle, while getting to know our sisters, our Community and prayer life, as well as our ministries. During Affiliancy, a woman has opportunities to share in the life of our sisters while maintaining her professional and personal commitments.

After discernment by both the community and the affiliate, she moves into the Candidacy, (1 - 2 years) living in community, and making the transition from lay to religious life. She continues to discern God's will and develops personally, spiritually, and ministerially.

In the Canonical Novitiate (1 year) she gains an understanding and appreciation of the vows, and deepens her relationship with God. She also studies Scripture, the Franciscan Rule, Franciscan Spirituality, and the history and charism of our community.

As an Apostolic Novice, she then spends one year integrating prayer, community, and ministry. In time she makes her Temporary Profession, which is her first commitment of vows, and she renews them annually. She continues to nurture her personal, spiritual, and ministerial growth.

The final step in the formation process is also an ongoing one: Permanent Commitment. At this time she makes vows to God and the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany, and continues to be formed and shaped as she grows in God's love.

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