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Franciscan-Clarian Art Reflection

By: Colleen Brady OSF

When asked recently to select a favorite picture of St. Francis of Assisi and/or St. Clare of Assisi, I began pouring over the multitude of artwork, sketches, and photos available on the internet. My eye was caught by this picture.

I saw Francis and Clare as ordinary people, friends who are meeting on the path, so happy to see each other. They are holding on to each other with hands on arms, as if they wanted a firmer grip. Their faces are unlined, eyes seeing only each other. Their habits are similar in their desire to follow Lady Poverty. The love that binds them is more than human. It is a Divine Love uniting and flowing through each and outward to creation.

Man and woman, simple and yet complex, joined in the love of Christ, called to holiness, called to witness.

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