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Recycled Paper

Who to Contact

Registration Issues

Have questions about the registration?

Issues submitting your form?

Want to change an answer after submission?

Contact: Secretariat Team

Cora Martin, Kristen Luther,

Claire Majot, or Anne Holliday

by phone or email.

Technology Issues

Having trouble watching the live stream?

Your computer acting up?

Having trouble with your cell phone?

Email: Steve Blue

Portal / Website Issues

Have questions about the Gathering portal?

Encountering issues?

Need help finding something?

Email: Claire Majot

Dietary Questions

Have a dietary concern that wasn't submitted on your registration?

Need to discuss other dietary needs?

Contact: Judith Terrameo

or Carrie Wolfe

Hospitality Questions

Have questions about your stay?

Want to know more about

Holiday Inn Express?

Email: Kristen Luther

Transportation Questions

Need help or information for local transportation?

Contact: Judith Terrameo

Need help with airport transportation?

Email: Kristen Luther

General Questions

Thanks for submitting!

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